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September 1–4, 2024

International Conference

Conference: Co-producing Heresies: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Schloss Münchenwiler (CH)

April 2-3, 2025

International Conference

Conference: Co-produced Rituals between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Uncovering a Common Late Antique and Early Medieval Religious Culture

Organized by Caroline Bridel and Maureen Attali

Historical and anthropological studies often point out what they consider to be ritual similarities between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The study of both literary and material data suggests that many of those rituals originated from or developed upon practices performed by all inhabitants of the Roman and/or Sassanian empires. This workshop proposes to investigate the formation processes and early development and contexts of so-called Abrahamic rituals through the notion of religious co-production.

Click this link for the Call for Papers. Proposals are due by July 15, 2024.

Bern, Switzerland

June 10–13, 2025


Conference: The “Excluded Third” in the Co-Production of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Organized by Mercedes García-Arenal, Katharina Heyden, David Nirenberg, and Davide Scotto

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are often understood as an ensemble of three (‘Abrahamic,’ ‘monotheistic,’ scriptural, or prophetic) religious communities and traditions. But often when adherents of two of these “sibling” religions interact, the third is treated as a figure to be marginalized, stigmatized, or instrumentally exploited vis-à-vis the others. This conference proposes to explore this dynamic of the excluded third.

Click this link for the Call for Papers. Proposals are due by June 1, 2024.

Villa Vigoni (Como Lake, IT)

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