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Coproduced Religions on Youtube

  • CORE zoom Seminar with Zvi Ben-Dor Benite and David Nirenberg: "The Co-Production of Kingship, Political Theology, and History in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism"_18.09.2023

  • CORE zoom Seminar with Carson Bay: "From the Rubble: Flavius Josephus, the Fall of Jerusalem, & the Jewish-Christian Articulation of Jewishness in Early Medieval Europe"_17.04.2023

  • CORE zoom seminar with Gabriel Reynolds: "The Qur` an as Theological Engagement with Christianity"_20.03.2023

  • CORE zoom seminar with Israel Yuval: "The Sacrifice of Isaac in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"_20.02.2023

  • CORE zoom seminar with Marina Rustow: "Scribes, Documentary Culture, and Jewish-Muslim Co-Production in the Abbasid and Fatimid Realms"_23.01.2023

  • CORE zoom seminar with John C. Reeves: "The Making of Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: The Co-Production of a Scriptural Character and a Scholarly Resource"_21.12.2022

  • CORE zoom seminar with Michael Pregill: "The Past, Present, and Future od Qur`anic Studies: Jewish, Christian, Islamic Legacies"_21.11.2022

  • CORE zoom seminar with Orit Malka and Rushain Abbasi: "Bear witness, for I am with You Among Those Who Bear Witness (Q.3:81): The Concept of “Witnessing“ in the Quran and Its Biblical Subtext"_24.10.2022

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