Carson Bay

Academic Coordinator

Dr. Carson Bay serves as the Academic Coordinator for "Interactive Histories, Co-Produced Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam". He is currently Program Manager for the Office of National & International Scholarships & Fellowships and Part-Time Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Kennesaw State University. Dr. Bay’s research has tended to focus on the writings and multilingual reception of Flavius Josephus by Christians and Jews from late antiquity through the Middle Ages. His first book, Biblical Heroes & Classical Culture in Christian Late Antiquity: The Historiography, Exemplarity, and Anti-Judaism of Pseudo-Hegesippus (Cambridge University Press, 2023), was granted the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award. His current work examines the interchange and co-production at work between the Hebrew Sefer Yosippon, an important piece of early-medieval Jewish historiography, and its Latin Christian sources. As a literary historian, Dr. Bay maintains a particular interest in the philological, lexicographical, linguistic, and scribal aspects of religious co-production among pre-modern Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

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